Gold Diggers: ” Endless Digging Game” iOS Review

Gold Diggers

Developed by: Gamistry Games

Platforms: iOS Devices


Twitter: @Gamistry


You follow a team of notorious Gold Diggers and take control of one of the wild west’s best kept secrets: Gigantic Supercilious Steam-Punk Digging Trams. Your goal?…To find Gold!…and lots of it, as you steer your Digging Machine through multiple layers of the Earth, while dodging Giant Worms, Flame Pillars and other various dangers hidden beneath the depths of the Earth’s surface.

Gold Diggers
Graphics: 18-Pts
Gold Digger’s colorful, cartoony graphics are vibrant, and entertaining to look at in motion.  The environments look spectacular, as well as level elements such as enemies and other various on screen hazards. Everything is uniquely textured and nicely polished, complimenting the game’s Steam-Punk art style.

Gold Diggers

Sounds 17-Pts

Gold Diggers has upbeat and quirky western theme music, that is pleasant to listen to and compliments the frantic on screen action of the game. The sound effects are what you would expect, from the clanking of the underground tracks when you jump on them, to the roaring of the monsters, and explosions of crashing into walls. All of the sound effects accurately represent the action on screen.

 photo 3

Controls: 18-Pts

The control scheme is very responsive and simple to pick up and play, as you only need one finger to steer your digging tram, to dodge your way around various hazardous obstacles and oncoming threats.
Gold Diggers

Fun factor: 18-Pts

Gold Diggers is fun, challenging, and really addictive game. The game’s simple controls make it easy to learn while still remaining challenging to play. Evading carnivorous giant worms, flame pillars, and lava are all very entertaining to attempt while trying to rack up a high score as well as progress farther and farther throughout the game each time you play.
Gold Diggers

Replay value: 16-Pts

Gold Diggers has great replay value.Aside from having in game achievements and online leader-boards. Each game you play, you can earn more and more gold as you explore the Earth’s inner core, and can trade that gold for Tram upgrades such as Special Drills, Wagons, new Gold Diggers characters, as well as awesome power ups like machine guns, or extra lives to help you reach those extra meters and explore the Earths Core.
GoldDiggers Rating Card

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