Assault Wave Free: “Real Time Single/Multiplayer Tactical Action” iOS – New Release



Platforms: iOS

Genre: Real Time Single/Multiplayer Tactical Action


Twitter: @assaultwave

Operation Cobra, 1944: Germans are desperately trying to stop the US advance, which side will you take?


Join tens of thousands of players who downloaded Assault Wave for free last week! Assault Wave Free is a “lite” version of this intriguing tactical wargame of “rock, paper, tank”, completely free to play, and includes the following features:


Core Game-Play

  • World War II theme, based on Operation Cobra 1944
  • Real time
  • Tactical Action
  • Drag & Drop Controls
  • Top Down View



Main Features 

  • US and Germany as first playable nations
  • Try the beginning of Single Player Campaigns
  • Try limited Single Player Battles
  • Rookie and Veteran difficulty levels
  • Multiplayer 1 vs 1: On Same Device & Online
  • 5 Unique Battle Maps (Full version has 16)
  • Online Multiplayer leaderboard


Download Link: Assault Wave Free, is available for free, iOS devices here.

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